Equinox and my surroundings…


I’ve joined Equinox. Yes, that upscale, snooty, posh gym that “normal people” love to hate, now has one more member. Yes, I ponied up the $157 per month to rub sweaty elbows with rich, pretty people. Why? Because a while back I wrote about my being a product of my surroundings and I still believe in that. Because being around rock-hard men and women has motivated me to get over that hump and make a better me (at least physically).

First let me dispel some rumors about “EQX” No, the fitness area is not lacking, they have every piece of equipment imaginable, even a set of these, which I’ve never, ever seen in any gym before.


No, it’s not just a bunch of old people crawling on treadmills, It’s mostly young professionals getting some serious work done. Lots of heavy weight being thrown around at Equinox.

When I was a member of 24-hour fitness and later, LA Fitness, I was lacking motivation, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until I joined EQX and realized that my “Product of My surroundings” concept was truer than ever.

This is why, despite having a house, I drive to campus to study for school. This is why I declined the option of working from home. This is why I joined an upscale gym. Being around people who are so maniacally focused on staying in shape has jump-started my focus on myself.

Surround yourself with the right people and focus forward…..


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