Need to get away?

So where have I been?

Between work, school and life in general, the blog has taken a backseat. I’m here now though and have some cool updates.

First, my camping trip: um…..


So yeah, as you can see, I had an absolute blast, just what I needed to unwind and clear my head. Frazier Park is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots, especially for camping. The lack of running water scares off the amateurs, so there’s never a problem with securing a campsite, it’s on the side of a mountain so the views are spectacular, it’s at altitude so the weather is always perfect, and it’s North of Los Angeles, so the skies, as you can see, are crystal. Plus I’m an absolute sucker for pine trees and Douglas Firs. I even got the same spot I used last year.

Secondly, I had to drop a class at UCLA, yeah it’s a¬†big hit financially, as I won’t get the tuition back, but it was better for me, as I could concentrate more on my studies. I can always make the class up later. Telling you, Systems Analysis and coding/programming is no joke, none whatsoever.

Lastly, things are looking up at work, big things might be coming, don’t want to jinx it so I’ll leave it at that for now.


till next time…….

Equinox and my surroundings…


I’ve joined Equinox. Yes, that upscale, snooty, posh gym that “normal people” love to hate, now has one more member. Yes, I ponied up the $157 per month to rub sweaty elbows with rich, pretty people. Why? Because a while back I wrote about my being a product of my surroundings and I still believe in that. Because being around rock-hard men and women has motivated me to get over that hump and make a better me (at least physically).

First let me dispel some rumors about “EQX” No, the fitness area is not lacking, they have every piece of equipment imaginable, even a set of these, which I’ve never, ever seen in any gym before.


No, it’s not just a bunch of old people crawling on treadmills, It’s mostly young professionals getting some serious work done. Lots of heavy weight being thrown around at Equinox.

When I was a member of 24-hour fitness and later, LA Fitness, I was lacking motivation, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until I joined EQX and realized that my “Product of My surroundings” concept was truer than ever.

This is why, despite having a house, I drive to campus to study for school. This is why I declined the option of working from home. This is why I joined an upscale gym. Being around people who are so maniacally focused on staying in shape has jump-started my focus on myself.

Surround yourself with the right people and focus forward…..