Nothing Replaces Hard Work…

We’ve all seen them, heard them, even watched them from time to time. Those infomercials touting, 20-minute this and 10-minute that. Look, I don’t know about you, but to me, that’s all a bunch of bull shit. 20-minute abs? Seriously!? You don’t get a washboard stomach in 20-minutes, get the fuck outta here!!

Sorry, but these con artists and scammers are starting to bug me.

You know what works? Hard Work. Let me repeat the title of this entry, “Nothing Replaces Hard Work” You want abs, get to the gym, or wherever it is you workout, and do those situps, those v-ups, that toes-to-bar, or whatever it is you do until you achieve your goals.

The same goes in life. Do you have a life goal? Well then prepare to work for it, because there are no life shortcuts, just hard work. You’ve seen what happens to those who cut corners……


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