My Story

My life has been filled with speed bumps and obstacles. After leaving San Diego State University two months into my freshman year, I joined the corporate workforce and for almost twenty years was content with the day-to-day life of a rat in a rat-race. It wasn’t until one fateful day in 2012 that changed the course of my life forever (sounds cheesy I know). I was plugging away at my job, doing what I was trained to do, when myself and some of my colleagues were pulled into a room and told that “our services were no longer needed” Now, at the time we had a month to prepare and do what we needed to do, so the full effect of being laid off hadn’t hit me yet. The fact that I would be getting three months severance further numbed the fact that I was soon-to-be unemployed.

Now, most people don’t have fond memories of the moment they knew they were losing their jobs, but that turned out to be my aha moment, my epiphany. My degree was always on the back burner, it was one of those, “Oh I’ll do it someday” things on my ever-growing bucket list. Thing is, I noticed my list not getting any shorter, so I decided to do something about it.


I enrolled at the “prestigious” Pierce College and set about College 2.0. I got off to a rocky start with a C in Cultural Anthropology (why I needed a class like this as a Business Major I’ll never know). Eventually, I righted the ship and even made Dean’s List a few times. After Pierce, I continued my quest for a Bachelors at Cal Lutheran where I can’t tell you how many long-ass nights were spent either in a library or computer lab or even a Starbucks studying for exams, writing papers and basically trying to learn everything I could. It was tough, especially as my job was ramping up at the same times, so juggling both demanded my very best, but……twenty-one years after leaving college due to unfortunate circumstances, I checked off a bucket-list item by graduating with my bachelor’s from Cal Lutheran University.  Knowing that I could handle school while holding down a demanding full-time job, I decided to continue my education (knowledge is Power!) and am currently in an advanced certificate program at UCLA.

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