Need to get away?

So where have I been?

Between work, school and life in general, the blog has taken a backseat. I’m here now though and have some cool updates.

First, my camping trip: um…..


So yeah, as you can see, I had an absolute blast, just what I needed to unwind and clear my head. Frazier Park is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots, especially for camping. The lack of running water scares off the amateurs, so there’s never a problem with securing a campsite, it’s on the side of a mountain so the views are spectacular, it’s at altitude so the weather is always perfect, and it’s North of Los Angeles, so the skies, as you can see, are crystal. Plus I’m an absolute sucker for pine trees and Douglas Firs. I even got the same spot I used last year.

Secondly, I had to drop a class at UCLA, yeah it’s a big hit financially, as I won’t get the tuition back, but it was better for me, as I could concentrate more on my studies. I can always make the class up later. Telling you, Systems Analysis and coding/programming is no joke, none whatsoever.

Lastly, things are looking up at work, big things might be coming, don’t want to jinx it so I’ll leave it at that for now.


till next time…….

Equinox and my surroundings…


I’ve joined Equinox. Yes, that upscale, snooty, posh gym that “normal people” love to hate, now has one more member. Yes, I ponied up the $157 per month to rub sweaty elbows with rich, pretty people. Why? Because a while back I wrote about my being a product of my surroundings and I still believe in that. Because being around rock-hard men and women has motivated me to get over that hump and make a better me (at least physically).

First let me dispel some rumors about “EQX” No, the fitness area is not lacking, they have every piece of equipment imaginable, even a set of these, which I’ve never, ever seen in any gym before.


No, it’s not just a bunch of old people crawling on treadmills, It’s mostly young professionals getting some serious work done. Lots of heavy weight being thrown around at Equinox.

When I was a member of 24-hour fitness and later, LA Fitness, I was lacking motivation, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until I joined EQX and realized that my “Product of My surroundings” concept was truer than ever.

This is why, despite having a house, I drive to campus to study for school. This is why I declined the option of working from home. This is why I joined an upscale gym. Being around people who are so maniacally focused on staying in shape has jump-started my focus on myself.

Surround yourself with the right people and focus forward…..


R & R

So after finishing up a post on better work/life balance and sacrificing some of the luxuries in life, I’m hitting the campground this weekend for some much-deserved outdoor therapy.

Heading up to one of my favorite SoCal spots, McGill campground in Frazier Park, Ca.


I’ll post some pictures when I get back. I can’t wait!!

Work/Life Balance

So recently I’ve found myself sleeping less and less and as a result being more and more tired. It didn’t take long to figure out that my work/life, or should I say, work/school/life balance was completely out of whack.

Balancing a full-time job with a full school schedule, and still finding time to squeeze in normal “life” stuff like working out, camping, going out, is tough. I still don’t know how I did it at Cal Lutheran and Pierce. Not shitting on those schools, but Computer Science at UCLA is kicking my ass right now, yes I’m doing well, but procrastination and cramming, combined with intense study sessions are draining my reserves. I have nothing left after a full days work plus school two nights per week.

I need to find a better balance of everything. The logical, and obvious answer would be to sacrifice some of my guilty pleasures for the sake of a better future for myself. Coding and Computer Programming is no joke, especially if you’re like me and have no prior coding experience, you need to pay attention to EVERY detail.

That’s it for today, I’ll try and post more when I can find the time that is.

Mother’s Day

So today is a special day obviously. (Happy Mothers Day Mom!!), but it’s also one year to the day that I graduated college. Yup, 365 days ago, I donned a cap and gown and strolled across a stage at Cal Lutheran University.

Ever since getting kicked out of SDSU, I’d made it a goal to get back to school and finish what I started. A couple failed attempts at Santa Monica and Moorpark colleges and I hit the workforce, thinking school wasn’t for me. So you can imagine how happy I was when this finally happened….


It’s fitting that my one year anniversary and mothers day fall on the same day. My mother was my biggest supporter throughout my college journey, she’s the one that kept pushing me towards my ultimate goal. I love you, Mom!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there!!


Product of my surroundings..

The library, every college has one. From Pierce College to Yale University, a library can be found on every institution of high learning. I love libraries, especially in my current role as a student/working adult. I find that being in an environment where everyone shares my goals and determination lifts me up and makes me a better student and a better person. I fully believe in being a product of my surroundings, which is why I could never work from home. I don’t know how they do it, those “OPW/WFH” people who work eight hours every day while in the comfort and relaxation of their own abodes, I’d get nothing done, zero focus.





Nothing Replaces Hard Work…

We’ve all seen them, heard them, even watched them from time to time. Those infomercials touting, 20-minute this and 10-minute that. Look, I don’t know about you, but to me, that’s all a bunch of bull shit. 20-minute abs? Seriously!? You don’t get a washboard stomach in 20-minutes, get the fuck outta here!!

Sorry, but these con artists and scammers are starting to bug me.

You know what works? Hard Work. Let me repeat the title of this entry, “Nothing Replaces Hard Work” You want abs, get to the gym, or wherever it is you workout, and do those situps, those v-ups, that toes-to-bar, or whatever it is you do until you achieve your goals.

The same goes in life. Do you have a life goal? Well then prepare to work for it, because there are no life shortcuts, just hard work. You’ve seen what happens to those who cut corners……


My Story

My life has been filled with speed bumps and obstacles. After leaving San Diego State University two months into my freshman year, I joined the corporate workforce and for almost twenty years was content with the day-to-day life of a rat in a rat-race. It wasn’t until one fateful day in 2012 that changed the course of my life forever (sounds cheesy I know). I was plugging away at my job, doing what I was trained to do, when myself and some of my colleagues were pulled into a room and told that “our services were no longer needed” Now, at the time we had a month to prepare and do what we needed to do, so the full effect of being laid off hadn’t hit me yet. The fact that I would be getting three months severance further numbed the fact that I was soon-to-be unemployed.

Now, most people don’t have fond memories of the moment they knew they were losing their jobs, but that turned out to be my aha moment, my epiphany. My degree was always on the back burner, it was one of those, “Oh I’ll do it someday” things on my ever-growing bucket list. Thing is, I noticed my list not getting any shorter, so I decided to do something about it.


I enrolled at the “prestigious” Pierce College and set about College 2.0. I got off to a rocky start with a C in Cultural Anthropology (why I needed a class like this as a Business Major I’ll never know). Eventually, I righted the ship and even made Dean’s List a few times. After Pierce, I continued my quest for a Bachelors at Cal Lutheran where I can’t tell you how many long-ass nights were spent either in a library or computer lab or even a Starbucks studying for exams, writing papers and basically trying to learn everything I could. It was tough, especially as my job was ramping up at the same times, so juggling both demanded my very best, but……twenty-one years after leaving college due to unfortunate circumstances, I checked off a bucket-list item by graduating with my bachelor’s from Cal Lutheran University.  Knowing that I could handle school while holding down a demanding full-time job, I decided to continue my education (knowledge is Power!) and am currently in an advanced certificate program at UCLA.